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„Pole, Irishman, are two nephews”
Seamus Heaney

„Daj, ać ja pobruszę, a ty poczywaj”
„Amra Choluim Cille”

"Poles and Irishmen are characterized by a similar, sardonic, historically conditioned glance on world of powers and super-powers, and also by a similar acknowledgement for courage and stoical survival". It was shown more than once on similarity (true or alleged) between the two countries. The acceptance of Christianity from Rome, strong detain between religion and national identity, long history of fights for independence, slow economic development and mass immigrations belong to unquestionable similarities. One also says about attachement to traditions, about conservatism and a poverty of the society and some common vices. "Poles are Irishmen of the continent (..........) they are the people with hot heads, deprived of reason who quarreled with their benefactors, Russians, without any reason". It is not necessary to add that the British thought about themselves as the benefactors of Ireland. However, "Concrete occasions force individual persons and whole nations to such and not other behaviours. In XiXth century Poles and Irishmen revolted against their invaders many times. But this does not mean that a Pole is similar, almost itdentical to an Irishman."
  Two special features are characteristic to the history of Ireland. Firstly, it is a very separate Irish nation being a special conglomerate of numerous "nations" over the ceturies, different from the british nation, with its own language, traditions and knowledge reaching the epoch of iron who survived until XXth century. This gave an Irish nationalism a special strength. Secondly, through the centuries of more and more powerful and more centralized British governments exerting social and political pressures, the Irishmen first felt as a worse nation and then they believed in this inferiority. This is one of the largest harms which a nation or a race may do to others. The effects of its are the most terrific paradoxes, appearing in every day life with a desire of admission and rejection, meaning that success is followed by defeat and the despair and the feeling of helplessness are a ground of existence.